Special Events

Silent Auction

Every year, the Lifesaving Society hosts a silent auction to raise funds for the Water Smart® Drowning Prevention campaign.


Please consider donating an item to be auctioned during this event. Contact

Laurie Priestman

at 416-490-8844 ext. 265.

Lifesaving Society Fundraising Challenge (choose a challenge)

The Lifesaving Society Fundraising Challenge is an opportunity to host water-related fundraising events at your local pool or waterfront. Everyone is invited to participate. The goal is to raise awareness and money for drowning prevention education.

When: The Lifesaving Society Fundraising Challenge begins on the opening day of Drowning Prevention Week starts the third weekend in July and runs until Labour Day.

Where: Facilities across the province. (We encourage all participants pay an entry fee or set a personal fundraising goal raising at least $100 through pledges/sponsorship.)

What: Run an event from the list below or create your own "a-thon"!

  • Slide-a-thon - 100 participants attempt 100 slides. A Slide-a-thon is a fundraising event in which participants seek sponsorship for sliding for a specified period of time or number of slides they complete.
  • Swim-a-thon - 100 participants attempt to swim 100 metres. A Swim-a-thon is a fundraising event in which participants seek sponsorship for swimming for a specified period of time or number of lengths they complete.
  • Tread-a-thon - 100 participants tread for 100 minutes. A Tread-a-thon is a fundraising event in which participants seek sponsorship for treading water for a specified period of time.
  • Swim-to-Survive-a-thon - 100 participants attempt the Swim to Survive® Standard. The Swim to Survive® challenge is a fundraising event in which participants roll into deep water, tread water for one minute, and swim 50 metres.

Other events to host:

  • Host a Lifesaving Society Royal Event (everyone wears royal blue at your facility for the day),
  • Host a Lifesaving Society "Bringing Life Vests to Life" fashion show for teens,
  • Host a Lifesaving Society Water Smart® Barbecue (sell 100 hot dogs/hamburgers, etc.),
  • Host a Lifesaving Society Beach Party Fundraiser - beach volleyball and other beach games
  • Host a Plastic Duck Race Fundraiser in your pool!

How: If you would like to organize any of the events mentioned, please complete the attached Registration Form and return it to

Laurie Priestman

or fax to 416-490-8766.

Previous Events

Lifesaving Society Swim to Survive-a-thon

On the fourth Saturday in July. In this community event, the challenge is "how many pool patrons can attempt the Swim to Survive skill at their local pool." Community members and pool patrons take part in the Swim-to-Survive-a-thon. They attempt the Swim to Survive Standard while raising funds for the Swim to Survive program. Prizes are available for the facility that has the highest number of participants.


NL 50th Anniversary Swim

Lifeguards swim as many metres they can during a 50 minute interval and raise funds for drowning prevention education through a personal donation of $50 (or through pledges).

An aquatic staff challenge, this event is in celebration of the 50th anniversary year of National Lifeguard, where we salute and celebrate our National Lifeguards - Canada's unsung heroes. The event challenge is "how many metres can you swim in 50 minutes."  The participant fee is $50 to mark the 50 years of this momentous milestone. However, participants may choose to raise $50 and more by raising funds through sponsors. Prizes are awarded for the greatest distance swam by top female and top male participant (under 30 years of age, and 30 and over).