Safety Management

As Canada's lifeguarding expert, the Lifesaving Society establishes aquatic safety standards and consults on aquatic safety issues for the aquatic industry, governments, and the judiciary. The Society's suite of aquatic safety services helps aquatic facility operators maintain and improve safe pool and waterfront operations.

Aquatic Safety Management Services

The Lifesaving Society provides aquatic safety management services in seven areas: Aquatic Safety Audits, Aquatic Safety Standards, Court and Inquest Findings, Expert Witness, Regulation Review, Incident Management and Aquatic Management Training.

  1. Backyard Pool Inspections
  2. Systematic Aquatic Safety Audits of facilities and procedures
  3. An Aquatic Safety Accreditation program to recognize facilities operating to an established standard
  4. Research and development of Safety Standards on aquatic safety issues which will become the standard reflected in provincial legislation and/or province-wide practice
  5. Reporting and interpretation of Legal Precedents developed from aquatic accidents, Coroners Inquests, and court cases (see Emun Drowning Inquest example)
  6. Interpretation of the Ontario provincial health regulations
  7. Training for Aquatic and Pool Operations Personnel
  8. Consulting Services - assistance with the management of critical incidents, advice on operational concerns, or the preparation of expert witness reports.


"If it is foreseeable, it is preventable" must always be the watchwords of any successful risk management program. The Lifesaving Society provides aquatic facility owners and operators with the tools necessary to identify and reduce risks to clients.

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