Provincial Health Regulations

Interpretation of Provincial Regulations

The provincial government consults with the Society to revise current Regulations, Standards and Guidelines, and to create new legislation. Involvement with these task forces confirms the Society as the standard-setter for aquatic operations across Canada. This involvement also allows the Society to formalize all the work done through all areas of Aquatic Safety Management.

The Society undertook this initiative and published the revised Guide to Ontario Public Pools Regulation - July 2018. This Guide assists pool owners/operators with the interpretation of the new Public Pool Regulation 565. This project responds to the long-held view of operators that the Regulations are not "user friendly" and that safety levels and bather comfort could be enhanced if regulations were more easily understood. In addition, the Society clarifies sections of these regulations by utilizing "Lifesaving Society Notes" throughout the document. This gives operators a clearer understanding of the regulation.

Pool drain

The Society also has other standards literature including: Waterfront Safety Standards, Backyard Pool Guidelines and the Dragon Boat Handbook.