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2020 Ontario Drowning Report

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2019 Ontario Report

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Explore Bronze - Update Clinic

Explore the revised Bronze medal awards. Join us online for highlights of the new curriculum. Click date to register: October 21 (7:00-9:00 pm).


Extension of Award Currency - Dec. 31

COVID-19 continues to affect aquatic programming in Ontario. Some facilities remain closed. Some have opened for limited activities. Many are not yet offering instructional classes to the public. To help affiliates coordinate the recertification of their instructors and lifeguards with their reopening plans, the Lifesaving Society Ontario is extending until December 31, 2020 the validity of awards needed for employment. There will be no further extension. This extension:

  • applies only to awards that expired after March 1, 2020.
  • includes Emergency and Standard First Aid, Bronze Cross, National Lifeguard and Wading Pool Attendant; and all Instructor, Examiner and Trainer leadership certifications.

December 31 aligns with WSIB’s extension for Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid certifications. Aquatic employers and employees do not need to take any action to qualify for the extensions. The Society will not reprint certification cards: you can view or print your own certification record (including expiry dates) from Find a Member or on your mobile device.


The office is open

The Society’s office is open and welcomes visitors during business hours, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The number of visitors at a time may be restricted to maintain physical distancing, and other public health protocols will be followed.

Curbside pickup / drop-off remains available 9:30 to 4:30. Order pickup in the office is available from 9:30 to 5:00.

We thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented period and ask for your patience as we work through the ‘return-to-new-normal.’ We all have a role to play in supressing the spread of COVID-19. An excellent source of authoritative information is this government of Canada website.


New - Guide to Training During COVID-19

Download a free copy of the Lifesaving Society Guide to Training During COVID-19: In-Person Training Safety for Affiliates, Trainers, Instructors, Examiners and Coaches. This guide for Affiliate Members aims to ensure in-person water and classroom training can be delivered safely.


Time out – COVID hits Aquatics

The Society is hosting a series of webinars on topics related to the safe management of public pools. These are being recorded. Links will be posted along with related articles as they are completed.


Policy Changes July 1

The Lifesaving Society Canada is adopting 15 years as the minimum age prerequisite for certification as a Swim Instructor, Lifesaving Instructor, or National Lifeguard. The Society is also broadening access to its courses by accepting, for prerequisite purposes, EFA and SFA certifications provided by training agencies approved by the Ontario government. See details.


NEW - Guide to Reopening after COVID-19

GuideReopening_CoverDownload a free copy of the Lifesaving Society’s Guide to Reopening Pools and Waterfronts after COVID-19 closure, designed to help owners, operators and staff of aquatic facilities to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission when facilities reopen.


Online and blended learning

Read the Lifesaving Society’s new Guide for affiliates and leadership personnel regarding the delivery of Society courses in online or blended learning formats.


EFA and SFA certifications valid for 3 years

Lifesaving Society Emergency and Standard First Aid certifications are valid for three years (36 months) from the date of certification. In the interests of reducing confusion among employers and harmonizing the Society's currency period with Ontario government regulations, CSA recommendations and the general practice among other workplace first aid providers, the Lifesaving Society Ontario has adopted a three-year period for the validity of its workplace EFA and SFA certifications only. Read the announcement.


Examiner Mentor

Are you an experienced examiner who has completed a minimum of three exams? Do you have a desire to coach and support examiner candidates? If you answered yes to these questions, then becoming an Examiner Mentor may be for you. Learn more here or fill out the Examiner Mentor application.


Water Smart Tip Cards

Tip Card - SampleOur Water Smart Tip Cards in English, French and 10 other languages, address essential drowning prevention topics with tips to stay safe. Order now in


Multi-language, online boating safety program


STARTboating is designed to teach basic boating and water safety skills.


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