To remain “current" and able to teach Society courses, Lifesaving Society instructors, examiners and trainers must recertify their award(s) within 24 months of the certification (or last recertification date).

To recertify, individuals must earn four points over the two-year recertification period by participating in professional development through the Lifesaving Society's Leadership Recertification Points System.

How to Recertify

There are two ways you can complete the recertification process:

  1. Use the online recertification system.
  2. Complete the Leadership Recertification Form and submit by mail or email.

How to recertify online

First-time recertification

  1. Find your Web Access Code (located on the tear-away portion of your printed certification card directly below the blue portion).
  2. Create an account on
  3. Follow the Repeat Recertification steps below.

Repeat recertification

  1. Log in to your Lifesaving Society account.
  2. Click “Recertification” in the left navigation menu (Contact us for assistance if this doesn't appear on your account).
  3. Complete the steps until payment is submitted.
  4. Email any additional documentation required.

How to recertify by mail or email

  1. Begin by selecting the Points List for the highest award you hold.
    1. Instructor/Coach Points List
    2. Examiner/Examiner Mentor Points List
    3. Trainer Points List
  2. Fill in Leadership Recertification Form and send by email along with payment, and any additional documentation required.

Leadership Recertification Fees

First Leadership award recertified $37.50. Each additional leadership award recertified $32.50 (to a maximum of $85.00).

  • 1 award = $37.50
  • 2 awards = $70.00
  • 3+ awards = $85.00 maximum charge


Can I recertify awards after they’ve expired?

Yes, as long as all points are earned within a two-year period from the date that you are trying to recertify, you are able to recertify post expiration.

What is a Web Access Code and where can I find it?

Your Web Access Code is required when you create your online account with the Society. Once this account is created you can recertify your awards online. The Web Access Code is found on the tear-away portion of the printed version of any Lifesaving Society permanent certification cards, directly below the blue portion. If you don't have your Web Access Code, contact us.

When do I need to submit additional documentation?

If you've taught/coached a course that isn't tracked by our internal system (Swim for Life, Junior Lifeguard Club, Canadian Swim Patrol, Swim to Survive or Swim to Survive+, Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals, Lifesaving Sport Club), you must email proof that you conducted the course.

Which Points List do I use?

Use the Points List that aligns with your highest level of certification.

I took the In-person Recertification Course; do I still have to complete the recertification process?

Yes. Taking the In-person Recertification Course earns you four credits, which will allow you to recertify your instructor, coach, examiner and examiner mentor awards, but you must still complete the recertification process either online or by mail/email.

Can I use credits I earned before I was certified as an instructor?

No, the points system is intended for instructors to show growth and use of their certification. Only points earned after you were a certified instructor are eligible to be used.

Can I use earning my Swim Instructor certification to recertify my Lifesaving Instructor certification?

If you earn a new instructor certification you can use the points earned to recertify existing instructor/examiner awards, however, you will need to earn an additional 4 points to recertify the new award when the time comes.

More questions?

Read the Leadership Recertification Points System What’s New or contact us.