Find a Member

Find a Member

To look up your Lifesaving Society record, enter your Member ID above, choose an option and click the Get Certifications button.

You need not release your Lifesaving Society Member ID to anyone else. Others can verify the accuracy of your record by entering the verification code at the bottom of the printed record.

The Lifesaving Society encourages affiliates to confirm staff certifications using Inside Tracker or Find a Member. If there is doubt about the authenticity of an individual's record, contact us for verification.

Find a Member Mobile

Find a Member Mobile gives you instant access to the same great Find a Member service but specifically designed for mobile devices. Simply bookmark or add "" to your favourites on your phone or tablet.


Members can view and print proof of certifications or check when certifications expire if their cards are lost or misplaced.

Members can quickly learn the processing status of an award they recently took. For example, you can check to see if your Instructor Recert has been processed yet.

Employers can obtain immediate confirmation of certifications of staff members - no telephone tag, no busy signals - even when the Lifesaving Society office is closed.

Employers can quickly confirm certifications in cases where the authenticity of a card is questioned. Find a Member provides employers with proof that certification cards being presented are valid (or not) especially when cards appear altered.

Trainers can confirm prerequisite credentials of candidates who arrive without proof or in cases where the authenticity of a card is suspect. Verification is quick and easy.

Find a Member is secure and ensures your privacy. Only those to whom you have given your Lifesaving Society ID number have access to your list of certifications.