The Lifesaving Society authorizes Examiners to evaluate and certify candidates in the Society's training programs. Examiners are experienced instructors* who undergo specific training in examination methodology and standards. Certification as an Examiner is a three-step process:

  1. Successfully complete an Examiner course with a current Trainer.
  2. Successfully apprentice with an Examiner Mentor on one exam in the stream(s) in which you seek to be certified as an Examiner.
  3. Submission of the completed Examiner Training Record and the certification fee to the Society.

Examiner course: 6 hr. classroom and water time. The Examiner course may be run as a stand-alone course or attached to other instructor training programs.

Required references: Examiner Handbook. Award guide(s) for each certification the candidate wishes to examine.

Costs: There is no Lifesaving Society fee for the Examiner course. Certification fee payable to the Lifesaving Society upon submission of the Examiner Training Record.

*Examiner candidates must have teaching experience: they must have taught or co-taught at least one course in the stream(s) in which they are seeking certification as an examiner.

Download or print this flow chart, which illustrates the Examiner certification process.

Examiners Evaluate & Certify

Bronze Examiners certify Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross candidates. Bronze Examiners who hold the Distinction award may also certify Distinction candidates.

National Lifeguard Examiners certify National Lifeguard candidates in the option the Examiner holds (e.g., the National Lifeguard Examiner who holds National Lifeguard Pool examines and certifies National Lifeguard Pool candidates, etc).

First Aid Examiners certify Standard First Aid candidates. First Aid Examiners who hold CPR-HCP examine and certify CPR-HCP candidates. Similarly, First Aid Examiners who hold Airway Management examine and certify Airway Management candidates.