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Major Incident Management

About Critical Incident Stress - July 2017

Guidelines for Supervisors following a Critical Incident - July 2017

Major Incident Management Checklists - July 2017


Aquatic Critical Incident Plan Template

The Lifesaving Society created this Microsoft Word template for developing a Critical Incident Plan for aquatic facilities. In chart form, the template guides facility operators and employees to prepare for and manage critical incidents.

The template establishes a structured and systematic process for responding to a critical situation to enhance your team’s response and to reduce the possibility that important steps will be overlooked. The template will also help when explaining processes and procedures to staff.

ON WFSS Cover Ontario Waterfront Safety Standards

The 2019 Ontario Waterfront Safety Standards reflects the Lifesaving Society's position on the safe operation of public waterfronts in Ontario. It is a required text for Lifesaving Society Aquatic Safety Inspector and Auditor certifications, and for the Society's Pool Operator courses. All waterfront owners should have a copy. Order a copy today.

Guide to Pool Regs Cover 150Guide to Ontario Public Pools

The revised Public Pools Regulation 565 includes public spas, wading pools and receiving basins. The Lifesaving Society has revised its Guide to Ontario Public Pools Regulation to help aquatic staff members understand and interpret the updated Regulation. The Guide outlines the “Regs” in simple language using everyday terms understood by aquatic personnel.

Order a copy today.


AYR Workbook 150Are You Ready?

Major incidents can happen anytime and anywhere. When prevention fails, supervisors and their teams need to be prepared to deal with the aftermath. The Are You Ready? DVD and workbook package is a must-have resource for Aquatic Managers and Facility Operators. Watch the video trailer on YouTube. Order the DVD and workbooks.



National Pool Safety Standards

Admission Standards