Safety Audits

Aquatic Safety Audit

Safety Audit Services can range in scope from a physical review of the signage and equipment of a single pool to a comprehensive review of facilities and their operating practices.

Clients requesting a safety audit service enter into a contract with the Society. The contract stipulates the scope of the review and the type of report desired. Fees vary depending on these and other variables. For a free estimate, contact Michael Shane at 416-490-8844.

Safety Inspections provide a community-based mechanism to monitor the safety of the aquatic facilities. Inspections are carried out to standards as defined by the Society. Facility owners hire Lifesaving Society certified Inspectors to conduct safety inspections of their facility. A list of certified Inspectors is available from the Branch office or Lifesaving Society Area Chairs.


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Facilities may choose to undertake the Accreditation Process. Facilities inspected and found to be within the operating standards, can apply for Aquatic Facility Accreditation. An Accreditation Certificate is awarded to those facilities meeting the standard.