The Lifesaving Society's aquatic safety accreditation program is designed to recognize those facilities that meet a recognized operating standard. This program is designed to enhance public safety and reduce the risk of water-related incidents in aquatic facilities. Facilities that are successful in their inspection process may apply for accreditation.

The Lifesaving Society will award its Accredited Facility certificate, mounted on a wall plaque, after the Society receives the original inspection report with the accreditation fee.

Accreditation Fee

The Lifesaving Society accreditation fee covers:

  1. Accreditation certification fee
  2. Accredited Facility wall plaque
  3. Lifesaving Society database of accredited facilities
  4. Training of Inspectors

Fee for Lifesaving Society Affiliates:

  1. $100 per year-round facility
  2. $50 for seasonal facilities

Fee for non-affiliates:

  1. $200 per year-round facility
  2. $100 for seasonal facilities


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Facilities are invited to renew their accreditation regularly. From their last accreditation, we recommend facilities apply for re-accreditation no more than: one year for seasonal facilities (i.e., summer-only facilities) and two years for year-round facilities. Accreditation and re-accreditation dates are noted on the Accredited Facility plaque.

Affiliates may renew their accreditation by being re-inspected and forwarding their inspection report with the accreditation fee to the Lifesaving Society. The renewal fee is the same as a first time accreditation fee.