The Lifesaving Society is closely monitoring the public health and safety risks associated with COVID-19. The Society is hosting a series of webinars on topics related to the safe management of public pools. Registration for these is limited, so register early. These are being recorded and links will be posted below along with related articles as they are completed.

Current webinar dates and topics:

April 29 - Programming with COVID, staff training, reopening after COVID with panelists Gary Sanger, Perry Smith and Michael Shane. View recording

May 5 - How medicine influences aquatic operations during the COVID pandemic with Dr. Steve Beerman. View recording

May 13 - Legal aspects of reopening after COVID and public education responsibilities in these times with panelists Stas Bodrov (Lifesaving Society Legal Advisor) and Barbara Byers (Lifesaving Society Public Education Director). View recording

May 20 - COVID and Learn to Swim with Swim Program Chair Lisa Brandie and Program Manager Sindy Parsons. View recording

May 27 - COVID Question and Answer with VP Training Programs Patrick King, VP Safety Standards Gary Sanger and VP Leadership Kerry Wakefield. View recording

June 3 - COVID and National Lifeguard and First Aid with First Aid Chair Rebecca Boyd and National Lifeguard Chair Carolyn Tyner. View recording

June 10 - COVID and Bronze and Standards with Bronze Medal Awards Chair Jason Jolicoeur and VP Safety Standards Gary Sanger. View recording

June 17 - COVID and the National Safety Standards Commission with Lifesaving Society Safety Standards Commissioner Eric Hervieux, Past Commissioner Patrick D’Almada and Lifesaving Society Canada Director of Operations Wendy Schultenkamper, CAE. View recording


June 24 - COVID and PPE with Lifesaving Society Business Development Director Renata Jaciw-Zurakowsky and Program Director Perry Smith. View recording

July 8 - Delivery of Online and Blended Learning with Heather Morris Stokes and Carolyn Tyner, along with and a general Q&A session with Perry Smith and Gary Sanger. View Recording

July 22 - COVID and Straight Talk - hear from experienced supervisory staff about their experiences and recommendations with Lynn Loubert (Division Manager Aquatics & Arenas, Parks and Recreation, City of London) and Cynthia Cakebread (Manager, Recreation & Culture, Town of Essex). View recording

August 5COVID and First Aid and National Lifeguard Blended Learning - hear from First Aid Chair Rebecca Boyd, National Lifeguard Chair Carolyn Tyner and Program Director Perry Smith about developments and resources available for blended in-person and in-person training for Lifesaving Society courses. View recording

August 19COVID and Contactless Training - NEW Guide to Training - hear from Leadership Chair Katie Short, Leadership Chair Adam Eastman and Shendy's Swim School Director Rob McLaren about developments in contactless training and online resources including the NEW Lifesaving Society Guide to Training During COVID-19: In-Person Training Safety for Affiliates, Trainers, Instructors, Examiners and Coaches (link below). View recording

October 21 - Where are we now? - Life with COVID-19 continues to evolve, as do standards, and operators in Ontario are at different stages of opening. This webinar focuses on discussions with three such operators, each in a different stage of reopening. Find out what they did, what they're going to do and what they're planning for the future. Shifts in operational standards will also be discussed. View recording


Time out – COVID hits aquatics
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Information Bulletins and Guides

Backyard Swimming Lessons

Effective Friday, July 31, the Ontario Government moved to Stage 3 of its reopening plan in most regions where indoor, outdoor swimming pools, outdoor splash pads and wading pools may open to the public.

Lifesaving Society Seasonal Swim Affiliates should note the specific requirements that apply to persons responsible for a business or place that is open and that provides in-person teaching or instruction. Specifically, the person responsible for the business or place that is open and that provides in-person teaching or instruction must ensure that every instructional space:

  • is operated to enable students to maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from every other person in the instructional space, except where necessary for teaching and instruction that cannot be effectively provided if physical distancing is maintained;
  • limits the total number of students permitted to be in each instructional space at any one time to the number that can maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from every other person in the business or place, and in any event cannot exceed, (i) 50 persons, if the instructional space is indoors, or (ii) 100 persons, if the instructional space is outdoors (please see section 5 of Schedule 1 of Ontario Regulation 364/20 made under the EMCPA).

We encourage Lifesaving Society affiliates with backyard pools to begin scheduling courses knowing they have the support and resources of the Society behind them and to refer to the Society’s Guide to Reopening Pools and Waterfronts.

If you are interested in becoming a new Seasonal Swim Affiliate, click on this link and complete the Affiliate Member Form. Please note: Both the Lifesaving Society Affiliation Fee and Swim Seasonal License Fee are required to become a Seasonal Swim Affiliate. Once the form is complete and fees are paid, all the necessary materials/resources required to teach will be sent via a Dropbox link.