Instructor Trainers

Teaching the teachers

Lifesaving Society Instructor Trainers (IT) teach, evaluate and certify Instructor candidates. ITs are experienced and knowledgeable Instructor-Examiners who participate in the Lifesaving Society Instructor Trainer clinic in preparation for apprenticeship as an Instructor Trainer. With apprenticeship experience and the recommendation of an Instructor Trainer, the Society may appoint you as an Instructor Trainer.

The process by which you become an Instructor Trainer is the same no matter which specialty stream you are interested in.

Prerequisites: Experience as a Lifesaving Society Instructor and Examiner in the appropriate stream (National Lifeguard Examiner for National Lifeguard Instructor Trainer; First Aid Examiner for First Aid Instructor Trainer, etc.). Do you have the prerequisites?

Instructor Trainer Clinic: Attend a generic clinic of approximately 10-14 hr. classroom and water instruction.

Apprentice: Apprentice with an experienced Instructor Trainer on at least one instructor course in the speciality area (Lifesaving Instructor Trainers apprentice on a Lifesaving Instructor course; National Lifeguard Instructor Trainers apprentice on a National Lifeguard Instructor course, etc.). A positive recommendation from a current Instructor Trainer is required. After completion of apprenticeship, submit your completed Instructor Trainer Training Record with the certification fee to the Society's office for approval.

Required reference materials: Notes for Instructor TrainersLifesaving Instructor Pac, Instructor Trainer (IT) Training Records: Swim IT or Lifesaving IT or National Lifeguard IT or First Aid IT or AST IT or Patrol Rider IT.

Costs: In addition to the required reference materials, an appointment fee is payable to the Lifesaving Society and submitted with your Training Record. Organizers will charge a fee to cover the costs of running the course.

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Who trains the Trainers?

The Lifesaving Society invites experienced and talented Instructor Trainers to apply as Provincial Trainers - the trainers who train Trainers.

Exciting changes coming to the Lifesaving Society leadership training system

Exciting changes are coming to the Lifesaving Society leadership training system in 2018 as we transition to new leadership courses and retire some existing ones. Learn more in What's New for Affiliates?, What's New for Trainers?, and the Guide to the Revised Leadership Program. Full details will be featured in the 2018 edition of the Society's Program Guide.