Advanced Instructor

The Advanced Instructor course provides additional training for instructors who wish to teach the advanced awards such as National Lifeguard, Standard First Aid and Boat Operator Accredited Training. The course covers: principles of planning; teaching adults; methods of presentation; how to use audio-visual aids; running a course including evaluation procedures and guidelines for apprentices.

Prerequisite: Lifesaving Instructor certification. Do you have the prerequisites to take this course?

Evaluation & certification: Instructor Trainers evaluate and certify Advanced Instructor candidates.

Candidate recognition: Certification card.

Course length: Approx. 5-6 hr. classroom time for a stand-alone course. Advanced Instructor courses are often combined with with a National Lifeguard or First Aid or BOAT Instructor course.

Costs: Course organizers charge a fee to cover the costs of running the course.

Recertification: Advanced Instructor certification is good for life and need not be recertified.

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