Aeroplan Miles

Support the Lifesaving Society by donating your Aeroplan Miles

We are happy to partner with the Aeroplan member donation program! With a couple of clicks, you can donate your Aeroplan Miles online to support the Lifesaving Society. Simple and seamless, your donation expands our reach. It's easy to contribute!

Why is The Lifesaving Society partnering with Aeroplan?

We use teleconferencing and other meeting technology whenever possible, but air travel is necessary for some our work. Donating your Aeroplan Miles to the Lifesaving Society supports travel requirements at the community and national level.

How will the Lifesaving Society use donated miles?

Our initiatives and programs are supported by volunteer councils and committees. From time to time, travel is necessary for training, conferences and program development. Using donated miles towards air tickets and hotels helps us defray costs.


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How can I donate my Aeroplan Miles to the Lifesaving Society?

There are two ways to donate your Aeroplan Miles:

1. Visit the Lifesaving Society profile page and click on “Donate Now+ and make a one-time donation. All donations made through the Aeroplan website are anonymous..

2. Automatically donate 2% of your miles as you accumulate them. Log in to your Aeroplan account and click "personal information" under Your Aeroplan tab, scroll down to "your donations," click edit and select The Lifesaving Society as your charity of choice.

Contact the Lifesaving Society's


department for more information about Aeroplan Miles.