Enhance your corporate image

Consumers regard companies that associate themselves with a worthy cause more positively. Support for the Lifesaving Society directly associates your company with the national leader in the fight of drowning prevention education. The Lifesaving Society has a solid reputation and is a respected and trusted charity, committed to the health and well being of Canadians.

Add value to your brand

Strengthen your brand by showing a commitment to the fight of injury prevention by joining with the organization that is having the greatest impact in the fight of drowning prevention.

Increase sales

Support for the Lifesaving Society delivers promotional value and gets your name, products and services out in the community. Our events, services and information outreach attract wide and diverse audiences. We can connect you with your target market.

Stand apart from the competition

With little differentiation in the marketplace, consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that distinguish themselves through their support of a worthy cause. Partnership with the Lifesaving Society will help your company stand out from the rest.

Encourage employee goodwill and teamwork

It fosters goodwill when a company demonstrates an interest in causes its employees care about. The Lifesaving Society offers many opportunities for employee involvement. Employee participation in events, such as the Lifesaving Society 500 metre swim for 500 lives, builds teamwork across an organization and encourages corporate spirit.

Attract and retain employees

Supporting the Lifesaving Society increases your profile and stimulates interest in your company. People want to work for companies that demonstrate a commitment to the communities where they do business.

Protect the future of your business

The cost of water related injury and death is immeasurable - both in terms of the lives that are affected by such loss of life and the economic cost due to water related injury. Every dollar donated to the Lifesaving Society has a long term impact on our communities.

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