Employee Giving

Engaging your employees in support of the Lifesaving Society is a cost effective way to make a real impact in the fight of drowning prevention and water related injuries, while improving your company's reputation in the community and enhancing employee morale.

Employee support for the Lifesaving Society provides the following benefits:

  • Benefits to your company: Staff fundraising events boost workplace morale, build corporate team spirit and develop staff leadership skills while raising money for a cause that your employees care about. Community involvement instills pride, which translates into employee loyalty and enthusiasm. Employee giving is also an excellent way to maximize your company's charitable giving capacity.
  • Benefits to employees: Your employees are the best ambassadors for your charitable partnerships. Not only do they value working for a company that supports water safety and injury prevention causes, but there are benefits to them in the form of valuable health information.
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  • Benefits to employees (cont'd): By participating in support of the Society, your employees will build leadership and teamwork skills, broaden their experiences and make personal and business contacts while giving back to the community. They will take pride in the knowledge that proceeds raised for the Lifesaving Society will be used to fund drowning prevention public education campaigns and sustain essential lifesaving training. It could be you, your family or friends who receive the benefits of this training.


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Lifesaving Society
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