Affiliate Transition

Affiliates in Ontario may begin offering the updated National Lifeguard program at their earliest convenience – as soon as their National Lifeguard Instructors are updated – but no later than December 31, 2023.

National Lifeguard Instructors can update through participation in a synchronous National Lifeguard Update Clinic. We invite Affiliates to consider hosting one or more of these clinics delivered by a National Lifeguard Instructor Trainer who has completed the Branch-delivered Synchronous National Lifeguard Update Clinic for Instructor Trainers. These individuals’ Find a Member records will show NL Update 2022 – Instructor Trainer. Contact Program Manager Marek Holke for more information.

Updated National Lifeguard Examination Policy

The updated National Lifeguard Examination Policy is posted on our website. Effective January 1, 2023, the policy governs all National Lifeguard courses regardless of whether the course is the “old” (2012) or updated (2022) version.

The main change is an updated definition of the minimum environmental conditions and equipment required for National Lifeguard examinations to ensure lifeguard candidates train in environments and with equipment that adequately prepares them for supervision and rescue response in each of the four National Lifeguard options. The updated Equipment List is more specific about the equipment (mandatory and optional) for each National Lifeguard option and more explanatory.

National Lifeguard recertification candidates

Recertification examinations consist of specific items that are identified in the award guide and on the test sheets. During the transition to the updated curriculum, National Lifeguard recertification candidates need to be advised in advance which recert if being offered – the “old” (2012) or the “new” (2022) version so they can prepare accordingly.