Affiliate membership entitles your organization to offer the training programs of the Lifesaving Society and to present candidates for examination. Affiliate Members enjoy credit privileges and have voting rights at the Lifesaving Society's annual general meeting.

Services available

Lifesaving Society Affiliate Members in Ontario receive many benefits:

Affiliate membership (apply now) entitles your organization to offer the training programs of the Lifesaving Society and to present candidates for examination. The Society's Program Guide provides a convenient and comprehensive reference for aquatic programmers and administrators.

Affiliate Members enjoy credit privileges.

Affiliate Members that register online order books and other training program items as well as equipment and supplies from, the Lifesaving Society’s e-commerce store and have them charged to your Affiliate’s account.

Affiliate members may apply credit notes to outstanding invoices or pay invoices by credit card online at

This includes test sheets, posters and brochures for distribution to the general public, and camera-ready artwork and program descriptions for inclusion in Affiliate magazines and flyers.

Affiliate Members receive the Society's newsletter Lifeliner, which highlights developments, technical information, resources and issues related to lifesaving, lifeguarding, leadership training as well as Water Smart education and aquatic risk management.

Affiliate Members may obtain Lifesaving Society awards in advance for presentation on the day of examination.

Affiliate Members receive preferred Affiliate Member rates for aquatic safety audit services. These services are provided by the Lifesaving Society to maximize the safety of participants in aquatic recreational facilities.

Affiliate Members receive preferred rates for posting a job on the Society's web site.

Each Affiliate Member may send 2 voting delegates to the Ontario annual meeting of the Lifesaving Society.

Lifesaving Society representatives are available to Affiliate Members throughout the year to assist instructors, lifeguards and programmers. Assistance is available from Lifesaving Society Area Chairs for training and locating Examiners.

We invite all Affiliate Members to make full use of the programs and services offered by the Lifesaving Society - Ontario. Contact Us to become an Affiliate Member. If you are an Affiliate Member, learn about the Society's Affiliate Awards.

Simplifying "instant" awards

The Lifesaving Society wants to make your life easier. That's why the following awards are always "instant," meaning the affiliate (you or your employer) issues the permanent certification cards along with the appropriate seals or crests directly to the successful candidates. These awards are:

  • Canadian Swim Patrol (Rookie, Ranger, Star),
  • Basic First Aid, CPR-A, -B, -C,
  • Anaphylaxis Rescuer, and
  • Fitness (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

Awards are purchased from the Society in advance of the course so that they may be presented to the candidates upon successful completion of the course. The Lifesaving Society does not require a copy of the test sheets for these award levels. Just keep the test sheets on file in your office.

Failing to issue certification cards upon course completion will lead the unknowing candidate to call the Society looking for his or her card. The Society will have to call you - requiring you to correct the error after the fact.

For all other Society awards, send test sheets to the Society's office immediately upon completion of the exam. The Society records the certification on the candidate's record (which can be viewed on the Find a Member page of our website) and then issues the permanent certification card directly to the successful candidate.

To order "instant" awards, call us at 416-490-8844, fax us at 416-490-8766, email us, visit us or send mail to 400 Consumers Road, Toronto, Ontario M2J 1P8.