SEE Auditor

The 3-4 hr. SEE Auditor (Supervision Evaluation and Enhancement) course is designed to give individuals the knowledge, training and tools required to evaluate the safety of lifeguard and instructor supervision using a quantifiable measuring system.

Prerequisite: National Lifeguard plus 100 hours lifeguarding experience or National Lifeguard Examiner or Aquatic Supervisor or AMT (need not be current)

Instruction & certification: Current SEE Auditor Instructors teach and certify candidates. A list of certified Instructors is available from the Lifesaving Society office.

Candidate recognition: Certification card.

Required reference material: SEE Auditor Workbook and forms. Instructors must use the Society's SEE Auditor Training PowerPoint presentation and evaluation forms.


Guard on tower image

NLS plus 100 hours lifeguarding experience or NLS Examiner or AST or AMT (need not be current)