The Lifesaving Society is closely monitoring the public health and safety risks associated with Covid-19.

Covid-19 vaccination and testing policy for staff, trainers and volunteers

The Board of Directors has adopted a Covid-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy, effective September 20, 2021. Read a summary of the policy.

Ontario’s Roadmap to Reopen – Aquatic Facilities

The Province of Ontario continues to lift regulatory public health and workplace safety measures following their plan to live with and manage Covid-19. Updated November 18, 2022 - Lifesaving Society Guidance for Aquatic Facilities: Living with and Managing COVID-19 in Ontario.


Information Bulletins and Guides

Time out – COVID hits aquatics webinar recordings

The Society hosts webinars on topics related to the safe management of public pools. These recorded webinars represent information and guidance that were current at the time of recording. As such, some of the material therein may be dated or may have been superseded by more current information. Please consult the latest Lifesaving Society guidance documents and your regional health unit.


Webinars are recorded and links are posted below as they are completed.

2021 Webinar Dates and Topics

October 27 - The Future of Aquatics After Covid-19 - In this webinar we will review the status of current regulation, Ministry of Health and regional health unit Covid-19 protocols. Based on this review, we will outline the anticipated direction of aquatic operations here in Ontario. We will also explore the results of a Covid-19 Affiliate Survey conducted by the Lifesaving Society in October, which will provide insight into what is going on in the pools and the plans being made for the future. Lifesaving Society speakers: National Safety Standards Commission representative Sean Duffy and Research Chair Nathalie Vallieres. View recording

June 17 - How to Teach Bronze in a Blended Learning Format - Are you excited to offer blended learning but don't know where to begin? This session will walk you through how to get started and how to run an effective and safe Bronze program. There will be opportunity to ask questions and see demonstrations. Join us and get your "feet wet" in a blended learning environment. Presenters: Jason Jolicoeur and Katie Short.

May 26 - 2021 Staff Shortage Solutions - Focus is on preparing our organizations for staffing shortages exacerbated by Covid-19. Our panel will discuss the current challenges in recruitment, training and programming, and will pose potential solutions. Panelists: Paula Jacobi, Aquatic Manager, City of Toronto; Christine Wareing (Mitchell), Aquatic and Fitness Supervisor, City of Orillia, and; Patrick King, Supervisor of Aquatics and Recreation Programs, Town of Woodstock. View recording


April 16 - Programming and Revenue Generation Ideas 2021 - Examine how affiliates are getting creative with successful and imaginative ideas that generate revenues during Covid. Three panelists will present "tested" strategies and modifications to their programming that have kept their facilities busy. Sarah Newton, Assistant Manager - Aquatics, Town of Essex, Kathleen Finn, Program Director, Dovercourt Recreation, and Jennifer Fruscella, Program Supervisor, Town of Oakville will answer your questions and give you the facts of their success stories. View recording

February 10 - Reopening Guidance through a Maintenance and Operational Lens - A look ahead to the safe and gradual reopening (again) of aquatic facilities in Ontario with two expert panelists – Scott Bowron (Owner, Clear Aquatics) and Jamie Lopes (Senior Project Manager, Aquatic Design and Engineering).

A wide variety of topics will be covered, whether your aquatic venues are full and filtering or drained. Presenters will discuss best practices and considerations for gradual reopening including the impacts of extended closure from the bottom up including drains, seals, gaskets, pumps, filters and tiles. They will also address aquatic amenities such as spas, waterslides, splash pads and include their tips for developing a reopening checklist. View recording

2020 Webinar dates and Topics

April 29 - Programming with COVID, staff training, reopening after COVID with panelists Gary Sanger, Perry Smith and Michael Shane. View recording

May 5 - How medicine influences aquatic operations during the COVID pandemic with Dr. Steve Beerman. View recording

May 13 - Legal aspects of reopening after COVID and public education responsibilities in these times with panelists Stas Bodrov (Lifesaving Society Legal Advisor) and Barbara Byers (Lifesaving Society Public Education Director). View recording

May 20 - COVID and Learn to Swim with Swim Program Chair Lisa Brandie and Program Manager Sindy Parsons. View recording

May 27 - COVID Question and Answer with VP Training Programs Patrick King, VP Safety Standards Gary Sanger and VP Leadership Kerry Wakefield. View recording

June 3 - COVID and National Lifeguard and First Aid with First Aid Chair Rebecca Boyd and National Lifeguard Chair Carolyn Tyner. View recording

June 10 - COVID and Bronze and Standards with Bronze Medal Awards Chair Jason Jolicoeur and VP Safety Standards Gary Sanger. View recording

June 17 - COVID and the National Safety Standards Commission with Lifesaving Society Safety Standards Commissioner Eric Hervieux, Past Commissioner Patrick D’Almada and Lifesaving Society Canada Director of Operations Wendy Schultenkamper, CAE. View recording

June 24 - COVID and PPE with Lifesaving Society Business Development Director Renata Jaciw-Zurakowsky and Program Director Perry Smith. View recording

July 8 - Delivery of Online and Blended Learning with Heather Morris Stokes and Carolyn Tyner, along with and a general Q&A session with Perry Smith and Gary Sanger. View Recording

July 22 - COVID and Straight Talk - hear from experienced supervisory staff about their experiences and recommendations with Lynn Loubert (Division Manager Aquatics & Arenas, Parks and Recreation, City of London) and Cynthia Cakebread (Manager, Recreation & Culture, Town of Essex). View recording


August 19COVID and Contactless Training - NEW Guide to Training - hear from Leadership Chair Katie Short, Leadership Chair Adam Eastman and Shendy's Swim School Director Rob McLaren about developments in contactless training and online resources including the NEW Lifesaving Society Guide to Training During COVID-19: In-Person Training Safety for Affiliates, Trainers, Instructors, Examiners and Coaches (link below). View recording

October 21 - Where are we now? - Life with COVID-19 continues to evolve, as do standards, and operators in Ontario are at different stages of opening. This webinar focuses on discussions with three such operators, each in a different stage of reopening. Find out what they did, what they're going to do and what they're planning for the future. Shifts in operational standards will also be discussed. View recording

November 25 - National Perspective - This webinar will examine how COVID has shaped aquatic operations across Canada and how each region has developed strategies to modify their operations to deal with the pandemic. Panelists from Nova Scotia, Manitoba and British Columbia will outline the scope of the problem and how they have adapted their operations. View recording

December 16 - Mental Health - Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic can be stressful, evoking strong emotions related to fear and anxiety about financial uncertainty and underemployment; concern for our health and the health of our loved ones; the burden of care for children and elderly parents; the challenges of remote education; and isolation and loneliness resulting from social distancing.

This webinar focuses on using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to manage stress, uncertainty and the anxiety that arises in these difficult times. Our panelist is Mr. Chris Rodrigues, a Counsellor with the City of Toronto Fire Department and Employee Assistance Program. View recording