Boat Rescue

Boat Rescue (8-10 hr.) provides lifesaving knowledge and rescue ability for those engaged in small craft activities. Boat Rescue is designed for those who are already skilled in handling their craft.

Training emphasizes self-rescue techniques, recognition of emergencies, factors in rescue craft performance and proper emergency response procedures. Since boat rescue techniques vary considerably with the type of craft and the wind and weather conditions, the requirements of the award specify the type of victim, rather than the method of rescue.

Boat crash

Prerequisites: Swimming and craft-handling ability.

Instruction & certification: Current Boat Rescue Instructors or Lifesaving Instructors who hold Boat Rescue teach and certify candidates.

Candidate recognition: Boat Rescue Award crest, certification card.

Knowledge: Through practical activities, demonstrate an understanding of the purposes of the practical items included in this award and relate them to the craft(s) of choice:

  1. an understanding of the Lifesaving Society "slogan": Reach, Throw, Row, Go, Tow
  2. the increasing degree of risk to the rescuer as one experiences more complex rescue situations
  3. knowledge of buoyancy of various types of craft (both upright and capsized) and how this relates to survival and rescue procedures
  4. appropriate procedural steps in rescues involving small craft
  5. methods of manoeuvring rescue craft into the best possible position for rescue under various weather (and craft seaworthiness) conditions
  6. knowledge of types of PFDs and lifejackets suitable (and approved) for small craft use, and how they affect survival and rescue procedures
  7. hypothermia: effects, recognition, prevention, care, implication for rescuer performance and decision-making
  8. rescue breathing: principles, adaptations, and follow-up care

Self rescue skills: Demonstrate the following while wearing clothing appropriate to the boating activity (e.g., shirt, pants or shorts, windbreaker or shell, shoes):

  1. Don PFD or lifejacket while treading water.
  2. HELP & Huddle positions wearing PFD or lifejacket.
  3. Removal of clothing.
  4. Treading water or survival floating - 3 min.
  5. Reaching & throwing assists from a craft.
  6. Rescue of non-breathing victim.
  7. Towing rescue of clothed victim (crew overboard) - 20 m or yd.
  8. Rescue of unconscious victim - 20 m or yd.