Aquatic Supervisor Instructor

The Aquatic Supervisor Instructor course prepares Instructors to teach and certify candidates in the Society's Aquatic Supervisor and Aquatic Management Training courses.

Prerequisites: Aquatic Supervisor, Lifesaving Instructor. Do you have the prerequisites to take this course?

Instruction & certification: Current Aquatic Supervisor Instructor Trainers teach and certify candidates.

Candidate recognition: Certification card.

Course length: 14 hours.

Required references: Guide to Ontario Public Pools Regulation. Aquatic Supervisor Instructor candidates should also have the Instructor Manual for on-course reference.

Costs: In addition to the required reference materials, a certification fee is payable to the Lifesaving Society. Course organizers charge a fee to cover the costs of running the course.

Recertification: Instructors remain current by recertifying within 24 months of the last certification date. Recertification is through the Society's professional development credit system. Is it time to recertify?