Eva McDonald Prize

The Eva McDonald Prize is a $1,000 bursary presented annually to the undergraduate in the University of Toronto's School of Physical Education and Health who has made the most significant contribution to the development of aquatics and lifesaving education through the university and the Lifesaving Society.

The prize honours Eva McDonald, a member of the Lifesaving Society for over 40 years, who died in 1969 while serving as Ontario President. Eva graduated from the School and was President of its Alumni Association. The prize is awarded jointly by the Lifesaving Society and the Alumni Association of U of T's School of Physical Education and Health.

If you are eligible for the Eva McDonald Prize, complete the online application form posted by the university or submit the application below to the Lifesaving Society detailing your relevant leadership contributions, achievements and any other items of note which would assist in the selection of the most appropriate candidate.

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