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Michael R. Davis
January 17, 1942 - August 11, 2010

Michael joined the Society's volunteer ranks in 1975 as chair of the Examiner Committee. He served as president of the Ontario Branch from 1980-1982. Michael was extraordinarily talented and incapable of seeing his achievements as anything out of the ordinary. He was an artist and entrepreneur. He was a great thinker, terrific communicator and legendary wordsmith. He combined a shrewd, analytical mind with an abiding respect and passion for people. Whomsoever you see in distress, recognize in him a fellow man was not just a motto to Michael, it was a way of life.

Michael had a delightful wit and laughed a lot. Working with him was intellectually rigorous and always fun. He was genuine and down to earth. He cared not for ceremony or status - but he did cut off his pigtail when he became president.

Diane became a Lifesaving Society Instructor over 40 years ago and at her death was still current as a National Lifeguard. She held numerous Lifesaving Society certifications and portfolios in her aquatic career. She served as Area Chair for the Upper Ottawa Valley. She was a dedicated champion of drowning prevention in all its forms. She was a prolific Examiner and busy Instructor Trainer and Provincial Trainer. Diane's participation at the Society's Think Tank always ensured the Society's priorities were in tune with community needs. In her youth, Diane was a member of the Society's "Demo Team" which traveled the province in the summer months. Diane was awarded the Lifesaving Society's Bar to Service Medal for her outstanding volunteer contributions to the Society's mission over many years.