Scheduled Course Upload


This is the place to upload your course information to "Find A Course" on our website.

Click the “Download Excel Spreadsheet” button and your computer will begin downloading the template. Please ensure that all the data entered follows the required formatting as specified by the column headers in the template. See detailed instructions below.

The Society reviews all course submissions before posting them live to the website.

Upload Instructions

Windows users: Use File Explorer to get to the location where you saved the file.

Mac users: Use Spotlight or Finder to look for the downloaded file.

Follow these instructions when filling out the spreadsheet:

  • Each row should correspond to one course.
  • Ensure that all required fields (indicated by an asterisk (*) in the column headers) are filled in.
  • Make sure the data entered into the spreadsheet follows the required formatting as specified by the column headers where applicable.
  • Please ensure that all course information is entered exclusively on the first sheet of the Excel file named "Course Information". Any information placed on other sheets will not be reviewed.
  • When you have finished entering your results into the spreadsheet, save the file.

Use the Choose File or Browse... button to locate the file and upload it. The spreadsheet will then undergo an automated initial validation. If the validation fails, the spreadsheet will be returned with the incorrect cells highlighted red with comments. Please fix these cells and reupload the file - the same Excel file can be fixed and reuploaded.

When you're ready to submit your courses, browse for the file where you saved it and click on Upload.

Course Information Upload