New Bronze Instructor Resource CDs

New and veteran instructors alike will benefit from the Society's Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross Instructor Resource CDs.

A complete suite of lesson plans and PowerPoint slides are designed specifically to help instructors organize and deliver these combined courses:

  • Bronze Medallion with Emergency First Aid
  • Bronze Cross with Standard First Aid

The lesson plans also feature sample agendas for courses offered over a weekend, three-day format or 10-week extended program. Lesson plans use the  Discuss, Demonstrate and Do teaching format and feature unique student activities.

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Nls Instructor Update clinic Trainer resource cd

Now available! The NLS Instructor Update Clinic Trainer Resource CD. All the NLS Update Clinic IT CDresources you need to run an NLS Instructor Update Clinic in one convenient place. The CD features PowerPoint slides, Notes for NLS Trainers, NLS Revisions - Pool Fitness Skills Video, Alert Insert, What's New documents, NLS Examination Policy, Notes for NLS Instructors for NLS Recertification's, test sheets and more! $21.98 + GST.