Our Structure

Governance and structure

The Lifesaving Society Ontario is governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors with a Council of Officers and 9 activity centre councils composed of professionals in recreation, education, business, finance, management, and medical and legal professions. The Society's office staff provide support from the Society's headquarters at 400 Consumers Road in Toronto.

Board of Directors

The board is composed of 16 members who govern in accordance with the Society's mission and bylaws. Directors are elected for a 2 year term by the Society's membership at the annual general meeting. No person or body external to the Society is entitled to appoint any directors. Directors appoint all officers, including council chairs and area chairs, and review and approve all activity centre objectives.

Council of Officers

The Council of Officers is composed of 18 people, 2 representing each Activity Centre Council. Council of Officer members are nominated by the respective Activity Centre Council and appointed by the board to 2 year terms.

The Council of Officers is chaired by the president. The Council of Officers represents active, affiliate and award members; manages topics not assigned to a single activity centre (e.g., governance review) or topics that are the responsibility of multiple activity centre councils (e.g., leadership review); monitors the work of the board. Any member of the Society may attend and speak at Council of Officers meetings.

Activity Centre Councils

Activity centre councils take the lead role and manage the business of their respective activity centre. Activity centre council chairs oversee specific portfolios necessary to manage the work of the activity centre. Chairs recruit and develop committee members.

Each activity centre is chaired by the related vice president or another individual appointed by the Board of Directors. Activity centre portfolio chairs are appointed by the board for 2 year terms. Any member of the Society may attend and speak at activity centre council meetings.

The Activity Centres are:

  • Training Program
  • Public Education
  • Aquatic Safety Standards
  • Aquatic Management Training
  • Lifesaving Sport
  • Leadership
  • Member Services
  • Area Services
  • Fundraising