Nevada break-open tickets

Support the Lifesaving Society by purchasing a Nevada break-open ticket from various stores in the province. Break-open tickets are instant-win lottery tickets also known as pull-tab or Nevada tickets.

Net proceeds from the sale of these tickets assist in supporting the Lifesaving Society's Water Smart® public education campaign and Swim to Survive® program.

Nevada store locations

The Lifesaving Society is licensed to allow local retail outlets to sell break-open tickets at one location in each municipality.

(One break-open ticket license may be issued per address or location.)

We need your help!

Of the 445 municipalities in Ontario, the Lifesaving Society currently has stores in 15. There are 435 municipalities remaining and we would like your assistance to help us find a busy location - a chain, franchise or independent store (i.e., a convenience store, grocery store, service store, lotto booth, lounge, restaurant, pool hall, etc.) in your municipality.

Once you find a location, ask the owner:

  1. If they are interested in selling Nevada tickets, (see below for the benefits to the scouted location),
  2. If they answer yes, ask if they have a lottery license,
  3. If they do not have a lottery license, we can arrange for the Society's service agent to assist them with the set-up.

Contact us and provide their name and number or have them complete the Nevada Program - Retailer Information Form and fax it to us (416-490-8766) or email


. We will arrange for a service agent to contact the location to arrange the registration (license and ticket distribution).


Benefits to the scout (affiliate/area chair/member)

A $500 Lifesaving Society merchandise coupon to any individual that provides a new lottery ticket distributor.

The coupon can be claimed upon confirmation of the new store registration.

Benefits for the scouted location

We will send a package containing all of the requirements for the store location to proceed.

The process is easy: our service agent will contact the scouted store. Once approved, all the retailer has to do is call for more tickets when the container is half full.

For each box of tickets a store sells, it receives $109.20.


Each store that supports the Lifesaving Society through Nevada ticket sales will receive a Water Smart Supporter Certificate to post at their location.

For more information, please email


or call 416-490-8844 or fax 416-490-8766.

Our mailing address is:
Lifesaving Society
400 Consumers Road
Toronto, Ontario M2J 1P8