Safety Auditor

Safety Auditor candidates attend the Safety Auditor Clinic designed for aquatic professionals who want the knowledge and practical experience that will enable them to conduct safety audits of aquatic operations within a community. The clinic is the first step in a three-step process to be appointed as a Lifesaving Society Safety Auditor. The second step is apprenticeship with a Chief Auditor on one safety audit. Step three - submission to the Society’s office of a positive recommendation by the Chief Auditor on the completed Safety Auditor Training Record with fee - leads to appointment as a Safety Auditor.

Prerequisite to appointment: Lifesaving Society Pool Operator 1 certification; Aquatic Safety Inspector certification; experience conducting safety inspections; successful completion of the Safety Auditor Clinic; successful apprenticeship with a Chief Auditor on a Safety Audit.

Instruction & appointment: Current Safety Auditor Instructors teach the Safety Auditor Clinic. The Lifesaving Society Safety Audit Services Chair appoints Safety Auditors.

Candidate recognition: Certification card.

Required reference material: Aquatic Safety Auditor Workbook. Participants should also have the following for on-course reference: Guide to Ontario Public Pools Regulation, Pool Operations Manual, and Ontario Waterfront Safety Standards.

Instructional format: Aquatic Safety Auditor may be delivered through in-person, blended or online learning.

Instructional time (4 hr.): Actual time needed may vary depending on course format, number of candidates and the learning activities selected. Additional set-up time (approx. 2 hr.) is required prior to the start of the course. Breaks require additional time. Based on 12-16 candidates.


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Required equipment: For in-person delivery - classroom supplies such as tables, chairs, flip charts, markers, masking tape, A/V equipment, safety inspection kits. On-deck sessions require shoe covers (e.g., booties). For online delivery - computer screen with camera and audio set up required. Consideration should be given to the use of multiple screens to support delivery of the program.

Recertification: Safety Auditors remain current for 24 months from date of appointment. Only current Safety Auditors may conduct Comprehensive Aquatic Safety Audits. Safety Auditor is recertified by successfully completing a Safety Auditor recertification course.

Fees: Lifesaving Society fee is payable with submission of the Safety Auditor Training Record. There is no Lifesaving Society fee for the Safety Auditor Clinic.

Aquatic Safety Chief Auditor

Chief Auditors may be appointed by the Lifesaving Society following participation in a Chief Auditor Clinic. This 4 hr. clinic prepares participants to successfully lead a team in comprehensive aquatic safety audits.

Prerequisite: Current Aquatic Safety Auditor certification.

Candidate recognition: Certification card.

Required reference material: As above.

Instructional format: The Chief Auditor Clinic may be delivered through in-person learning only.