Community Events

Water safety is not just something we need to learn at the pool - most drownings occur when people aren't intending to go in the water. If you are passionate about the water, use our tips and resources to take water safety beyond the pool and educate the whole community about staying safe around the water.

The May long weekend and National Drowning Prevention Week in July are great times to raise awareness about drowning prevention and about the benefits of learning to swim - but any time is the right time to learn about water safety.

Is your organization interested in including a water safety or drowning prevention campaign in your programs?

Top Community Partnerships:

  1. Schools - nursery, daycare, elementary, high school, community college, university, adult education, literacy, ESL and Boards of Education
  2. Business - Chamber of Commerce, industry, unions, safety organizations, Welcome Wagon, Cable TV Stations, Ministry of Natural Resources
  3. Recreational groups and clubs - minor sport organizations, snowmobile associations, yacht clubs, cottage associations, marinas, conservation clubs/authorities, senior's organizations
  4. Medical - public health units, hospitals, clinics
  5. Emergency services - police, fire, paramedics

The Society has resources to help deliver Water Smart messages in the community. Staging an event or activity is not as complicated as you might think, and it can be a lot of fun!

How to Form Community Partnerships

Many organizations committed to injury prevention are interested in incorporating a drowning prevention campaign into their programs. Some of these organizations include firefighters, regional public health groups and service groups. Approach such organizations about using materials from the Water Smart® campaign or work with them to stage a Water Smart event.

Once you have identified what you want to do, recruit committee members to match the required tasks and skill sets needed to execute them. It is always easier to recruit people when you have a clearly defined task. Consider the following people: lifeguards, swim instructors, students looking for community service hours, Junior Lifeguard Club members and interested members of the community. Clearly define the tasks and follow up with each individual to ensure that they are "on task."

Time and time again, community action has proven to be an effective method for distributing Water Smart® messages directly to the public and ultimately changing behaviour. The leaders of the Lifesaving Society in communities throughout Canada - lifeguards and instructors - are uniquely qualified to take an active role in reaching the public directly and in making their communities safer and Water Smart.

Fundraising Events

Many affiliates, businesses and friends of the Society host special  events throughout the year to raise funds for the Lifesaving Society's Water Smart® drowning prevention campaign. Fundraising events create awareness and get people involved in their communities - learn more.