Fundamentals Program

Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals offers participants a recreational introduction to lifesaving sport skills. The program also teaches team building, fair play, ethics in sport and responsibility. Lifesaving sport competition opportunities are available through TeleGames, as well as regional and provincial lifesaving sport events.

The Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals program targets 8 to 12-year-olds who have completed Swimmer 3.


Complements other Lifesaving Society Programs: Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals keeps children involved in this unique lifesaving program. Content builds on learn to swim skills and enhances future participation in other Society programs.

Keeps Kids Active: Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals promotes a healthy lifestyle for children and gives them the opportunity to keep active in physical activity for their lifetime.

Uses the True Sport Principles: Go For It, Play Fair, Respect Others, Keep it Fun, Stay Healthy and Give Back are principles taught throughout all levels of this program. This program also utilizes the fundamentals of Long Term Athlete Development.

Easy Administration: One fee, support during implementation and running of Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals program.

Strong Leadership Training: The Lifesaving Society offers coaching certification for the Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals program. This certification provides the coach with the necessary tools and training to ensure participants a unique experience.


Sport Fundamentals Award Guide Cover


Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals has two modules: the pool module is available now; the waterfront module will follow.

The pool module has five levels with content organized as follows:

  • Lifesaving Sport Principles
  • Starts, Turns, Transitions and Finishes
  • Swim Proficiencies
  • Lifesaving Sport Skills

We encourage affiliates to focus resources on ensuring success of the Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals program at one facility before rolling it out to other facilities. Large affiliates may choose to offer the program at one facility in each district or region.

Licensed Affiliates

The Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals program is available (only) to Lifesaving Society Affiliate Members who obtain a Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals license to offer the program. Our single annual licensing fee covers unlimited numbers of participants, and provides:

  • Program descriptions
  • Worksheets
  • Certificates
  • Progress Reports
  • Core plans
  • Lessons plans

License fees: License fees are calculated per facility for a nominal annual fee. Please contact us for details.

Want more information?

We'd be happy to talk to you about any aspect of our Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals program. And we can set you up to implement the program easily. Email or call the Society's office: 416-490-8844.