First Aid IT

First Aid Instructor Trainers teach, evaluate and certify First Aid Instructor candidates.

Prerequisites to certification: Certification and experience as a First Aid Instructor and First Aid Examiner. Do you have the prerequisites?

Trainer course: Successful completion of the Lifesaving Society's 16 hr. Trainer course. This checklist identifies the learning outcomes you must achieve to be successful on the course.

Apprenticeship: Apprentice with an experienced First Aid Instructor Trainer on a First Aid Instructor course, and submission of your completed First Aid Instructor Trainer Training Record with the certification fee to the Society's office.

Required references: Trainer Manual, First Aid Instructor Award Guide, Canadian First Aid Manual, First Aid Award Guide, First Aid Instructor Trainer Training Record.

Costs: In addition to the required reference materials, a certification fee is payable to the Lifesaving Society and submitted with your Training Record. Organizers will charge a fee to cover the cost of running the Trainer course.

Recertification: Only current Trainers may teach and certify First Aid Instructors. Remain current by recertifying within 24 months of the last certification date. Recertification is through the Lifesaving Society professional development credit system. Is it time to recertify?